Senin, 14 Maret 2011

Order 66 SITH interview with ESA TV

Dear Masters,

A couple of weeks ago, Order 66 S.I.T.H scored another TV interview, this time with ESA TV.

's the link for the full photo documentation. Thanks for viewing :)

Donny a.k.a Master DJ Yoda

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Poster Varieties

Dear Masters,

I'm saving the best post of today for last.. "What is it??", you ask? Masters and Sith Lords, I give you *drumroll* THE POSTERS OF EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!!

Among others, there's the Tom Jung's Style B poster below..

So here's the link:

It's only 10MB in size, but I guarantee you the feeling you get after downloading this will be priceless :) Start downloading, start framing, and start hanging 'em Masters.

Donny a.k.a Master DJ Yoda

Hasbro Star Wars Short Story Collection

Wussup Masters!!

The Hasbro Short Story Collection was a printed booklet available packaged with many Hasbro toys, published in July 2003. It featured three original short stories, as well as a guide to more toys. It was also given away at some conventions, and on October 1 2003 was made available for free downloading online.

This is now available exclusively, here, on your beloved blog :)

Click here to be directed to the download site:


Happy reading, Masters :)

Donny a.k.a Master DJ Yoda

Star Wars Halloween party essentials

Wuzzup Masters,

Helloween is still far ahead. But so what.. costume parties don't gotta wait that long, right? Here are some things that you can use to spice up any party. Just make sure you don't bring shame to the faces you're wearing :)

"Wearing faces??", you ask? That's right, masters..
I bring you: Star Wars party masks and Pumpkin Stencils!!!

Download from the links below (different links with different character masks)..

..and you'll get something like this:

You like, yes?

Then you should go to the supermarket and get yourself a few pumpkins. Why? Coz here comes the Star Wars pumpkin stencils, available for download at this link below..

..and you'll get something like this:

So whatchu waitin' for, Masters? Get your sabers and start carving your pumpkins :)

Have fun partying, Masters. Remember: If You Drink And Drive, You're A Bloody Idiot.

Donny a.k.a Master DJ Yoda

A guide to the Star Wars Galaxy and the languages

Greetings Masters..

The universe is vast. This we all know. This basic knowledge of the galaxy as we know it also applies a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..

Ever wondered:
1. Where Tatooine, Hoth, and all those planets are located?
2. what languages they speak and what is the common intergalactic language used to communicate between species in the Star Wars universe?

First question first, here's Star Wars - The Essential Atlas.. it will guide you there in no time at all :) Download from the link and you'll get something like this:

"And what about they're languages??", you ask.. well, seek and you shall find in the wondrous WWW. Go here for guides of whatever language they speak in each planet (well, not all planets.. the famous ones, anyway):

..not sure if this is the most accurate source, though.

Anyway, the one common language they use to speak and write (which is kind of like the English language is used as the international language here on Earth), is called Aurabesh.

Unless you just bought yourself a C3PO protocol droids that speaks 6.000.000 dialects, then you'll be needing this:

I've given you all that is required for a safe and enjoyable intergalactic travel to the Star Wars galaxy. Just make sure you don't meet space pirates along the way :)

Have fun writing in Aurabesh, Masters..

Donny a.k.a Master DJ Yoda

Star Wars - Coloring Books

Dear Fanboys and Fangirls,

Got kids? ..or got the urge to color any black and white pictures you can find? Then fear not, coz help is on the way :)

Download super awesome Star Wars coloring books from the links below:

Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back Coloring Book

..and here's one that is more for the kids of today :)

Star Wars - The Clone Wars season 2 coloring book

Thanks for visiting and downloading. Stay tuned for more posts coming your way from our beloved Galaxy Far Far Away :)

Donny a.k.a Master DJ Yoda

Star Wars - The Clone Wars wallpaper

Dear Fanboys and Fangirls,

Fancy some Star Wars - The Clone Wars wallpapers? Click links below to download them, and you'll get wallpaper images such as this..

 glorious 1920x1200 sizes!!

Here are the links:

Thanks for viewing and keep visiting this awesome blog for more freebies :)

Donny a.k.a Master DJ Yoda