Rabu, 01 September 2010

Darth Rizer Birthday + Rapat acara + Rapat kepengurusan @ Droids

September 27 has been a well documented date in the history of mankind. Let's have a brief look at past 27 Septembers through the ages..
• September 27, 1821 - Mexico gains its independence from Spain
• September 27, 1937 - the Balinese Tiger is declared extinct
• September 27, 1908 - the first Ford Model T car was built
• September 27, 1986 - Clifford Lee Burton of Metallica dies in tour bus accident
• September 27, 1988 - The National League for Democracy, led by Aung San Suu Kyi, is founded
• September 27, 1998 - Google is founded.
Of course i borrowed heavily from Wikipedia :p

..it's also a special day for us, Order 66 S.I.T.H. members!! On this date, the Order 66 S.I.T.H. Jedi and Sith Council gathered at The Droids Coffee and Grill for three things: To celebrate Sith Lord Riza Satyagraha's birthday, Event Meeting, and to determine the new Order 66 S.I.T.H. organizing committee.

First thing's first, though. The birthday party was fun, and it served as a fast-breaking opportunity for Muslim members of this community. Thanks for the treat, Lord Riza :)

Special thanks to Master Edwin Ramadhani Sumarno Atmoprawiro for the awesome pics. Go to http://www.facebook.com/index.php?lh=8a5173a5a62b7ca39509a091b2fdb273&eu=pmKDyjTZ8-7ZpdwKEVFTNg#!/album.php?aid=257927&id=581207094 to see more pics.

This is the new Order 66 S.I.T.H. Organization Council:

1. Sith Lord I: Riza
2. Sith Lord II: Imbong
3. Jedi Master: Imam
4. Council Secretary: Indie & Adnin
5. Events: Akhmad Pompo, Riza, Imam
6. Public Relations + Promotions: Andhika
7. Printing: Tatang
8. Membership: Ratih & Ari
9. Media + Newsletter: Donny, Imbong, Archie
10. Website + Multimedia: Erlang & Ariza
11. Twitter & Facebook Admin: Donny & Imbong
12. Finance: ???
13. Homebase: The Droids Cafe
14. Documentation + Portfolios: Seno, Wahyu, Edwin, Husky
15. Merchandise: Ariza, Coki, and Toma
16. Overseas Relations: Aryo, Akhmad Pompom, and Cipta Croft C.
17. Company / Licensor Relations: Riza, Imam, and Seno
18. Regional Bandung Division: Aldo

Collector Co-ordinators:

1. LEGO: Aryo
2. Toys: Gama + Tino + Oho
3. Comics + Books: Jasmine + Imbong
4. Vintage Toys + Custom: Qori + Kemal + Aldo
5. Costumes + Props + Exhibition set: Gegi, Oki, Aldo, Ramaditya, and Cipta

Alliance Co-ordinators:

1. Mandalorian Mercenary: Qori Haly
2. Indotrooper: Wahyu Aditya

Well, that's it for today's update. Let's hope everybody can contribute as intended to make this organization well-functioning, and most of all: FUN :)

Until then..

Stay organised, Masters.
Master DJ Yoda

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