Kamis, 30 September 2010

Star Wars BB Onyx wallpapers

Wussup guys and girls,

I'm back with another series of Star Wars wallpapers for your phone's homescreens, this time for the BB Onyx. Why BB Onyx? Coz it's getting popular, and i think it has the same screen size as Gemini, Javelin, and Bold 9000 (480x360pix). But enough cellphone technicalities!

Please proceed to http://www.facebook.com/donnynarendra#!/album.php?aid=268594&id=562981410&ref=mf and you'll get awesome wallpapers such as this:

Some nice sh*t right here :)

Alright then, until then.. keep pimpin' your BB homescreens, Masters.

Donny a.k.a Master DJ Yoda

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